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Fibre or fixed wireless?

Flip is powered by a reliable, cabled fibre network, so unlike wireless 4G broadband it’s not impacted by things like hills, trees & buildings around your house. Plus, there’s no drama with network congestion from mobile data users!

How do I get fibre installed at my address?

We'll arrange a date to come and install fibre at your place. You will need to be home while the technician does the work. There are a number of steps:

Agree - the technician meets you, goes through and agrees installation requirements.
Build - the technician extends the fibre network to the boundary of your property and make it ready for fibre.
Connect - the technician will complete internal wiring, physical setup, test your connection and you are good to go!

The installer will attempt to complete ABC on the same day, although it is dependent on the complexity of the cabling work required at your premises.

Does it cost to install fibre?

Most the time you will just need to pay the $25 set-up fee. If there are any additional costs involved, the technician will let you know beforehand so you can decide if you want to move forward.

Will my speed drop after I use a certain amount of data?

At Flip, when we say unlimited, we mean it! No throttling or speed reductions after you've used a certain amount of data so you can internet to your hearts content.

Do you provide a modem?

Flip offers a high speed AC Wi-Fi Modem. There is a one off $50 charge (including delivery) and it’s yours to keep.

Our modem comes with a fool-proof guide and colour-coded cables for a super easy set-up.

It can handle up to 32 Wi-Fi devices (16 on each band) and offers smart connectivity which allows devices automatically connect to the best-performing frequency. This means your older, slower devices won't hog all the bandwidth and your latest gadgets will fly along at full speed.

Can I bring my own modem?

Yep! With Flip, you can BYO fibre capable modem and use your current Wi-Fi settings. You may need to be a little more tech-savvy as we can only troubleshoot Flip supplied modems.

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